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What Are Castor Wheels?

A caster is a device that makes objects or furniture moveable. They typically have a swivel frame and wheel that allows items to be moved with ease while reducing strain on the user. They are made of durable materials, making them suitable for long-term use.

Wheel castors come in a variety of designs, including swivel and rigid models. They can be used for a range of applications and have different load capacities, so it’s important to choose the right one.

Rigid castors are usually able to support more weight than swivel castors, so they are often the most popular choice for heavier equipment. However, they don’t allow for a wide range of manoeuvrability, so they aren’t ideal for use in tight spaces or corners.

Understanding Wheel Castors: Types, Applications, and Benefits

Swivel casters, on the other hand, feature wheels that can rotate a full 360 degrees. This allows them to maneuver around tight spaces and corners more easily, making them an excellent choice for heavy-duty equipment.

Stainless steel is another common material for caster wheels, as it is extremely robust and can withstand heavy loads. It is also easy to clean and maintain, making it an ideal choice for hospitals and other environments where cleanliness and hygiene are of prime importance.

Glides are a type of castor wheel that helps to lift and glide items, but are not always suitable for heavy equipment. They can be made from hard or soft materials and can be used on both flat and curved surfaces.

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