Welding Wire Mesh

Welded wire mesh, also known as weldmesh, wire woven, or weld mesh fabric, is an engineered joinery welded by a machine, which is designed to prevent excessive corrosion and the growth of mildew. The mesh material used is primarily made of steel wire that is stretched over a non-corrosive core material. Weldmesh is a high strength metal that has the properties to resist corrosion and other forms of wear and tear. Weldmesh is also an ideal material for applications requiring high ductility and low tensile strength.

From Wire To Mesh

wire mesh

Weldmesh is often used in industrial welding applications such as wire harness fabrication, wire stripping, weld repair, and wire mesh fabrication. The mesh used in welding is made up of wire strands of different lengths and is usually made up of a thin layer of non-corrosive stainless steel and a thicker core material. The weld mesh fabric is then welded on top of the stainless steel wire. The welding process produces a mesh of stainless steel wire with interlocking joints between the wire strands. In order to achieve the best results, the mesh has to be welded correctly and the welding equipment used must be of the highest quality and performance standards. As welds can easily spread through the wire fabric and the core material, it is important to use the correct welding equipment. The use of the correct welding equipment and correct welding process can lead to better performance of the weld.

Welding wire mesh fabric can be used in the various applications that it is commonly used for such as automotive, aviation, construction and marine applications. In addition, the wire mesh can also be used to weld wire harnesses, safety chains, pipes, and tubing. For those who are looking for the perfect material to weld, wire mesh can be a great choice, but ensure that they choose the right type of wire mesh to suit the specific application that you want to weld.


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