Timber Floors And Choices

timber flooring

Laminate and timber flooring are both very widely used floor solutions nowadays, but due to their many similarities, many of us tend to confuse one for another; so the need to clearly differentiate them and see which one would best suit your particular needs arises. Laminate flooring is made from synthetic materials that have been highly treated with ultraviolet radiation (UV) blockers to protect them from damage caused by ultra-violet rays emitted by most modern televisions, computers, mobile phones and light bulbs; while timber flooring is made from organic materials, such as hardwood, softwood, oak and cherry. The main difference between laminate and timber flooring is that laminates can be installed on any type of sub-floor, whereas timber flooring cannot be. Laminate floors can also be easily stained, whereas timber flooring cannot be. And of course, when it comes to maintenance, laminate comes out on top; it requires virtually no maintenance at all and timber flooring needs a lot of maintenance and timely cleaning

With regards to price, it all depends on your requirements and budget. If you’re planning on installing a full floor in your home, you will obviously need a lot more wood flooring material than if you’re installing a tiled floor in an entryway. And when it comes to installation costs, these costs can skyrocket depending on the specific type of timber flooring material you choose and the subfloor type you plan on installing on. For instance, hardwood flooring will obviously cost a lot more than bamboo flooring; and laminate flooring will cost more than tile flooring or ceramic tiles. And of course, when it comes to maintenance costs, these two types of flooring require almost no maintenance at all. As you can see, the decision is actually quite simple; you just need to decide on what suits your particular needs best!

When it comes to choosing a hardwood or softwood timber flooring option, it all depends on what you want. If you’re looking for a durable and long-lasting hardwood floor, hardwoods are generally the way to go; but if you’re looking for a more flexible option, softwoods may be a good choice. There are a number of manufacturers and retailers who specialize in timber flooring of both hardwood and softwood varieties. So no matter what your preferences, it should not be too difficult to find something suitable for you. To find the right floor, just ask your friendly local retailers and / or flooring installers which would be the most suitable option for you!


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