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Thermoplastic Line Markings

thermoplastic line markings

Thermoplastic line markings are a long-term surface marking that is applied to a road or surface using specialist equipment. They are often used on high traffic areas, such as roads and car parks. They can be more cost-effective than paint, as they do not need to be repainted regularly. They are also more durable than paint, as they can withstand a variety of environmental conditions. This link

The material is created from a powder that is heated up in a hot melt kettle before being sprayed onto the pavement. This creates a thick polymer layer that is wear resistant and bright. Glass beads are sometimes added to the mixture for retroreflectivity and skid resistance. These are important for safety, especially at night and in bad weather. Thermoplastics can also be built up in layers to create rumble strips that give drivers physical feedback as they drive over them, which can help to prevent accidents by raising driver awareness of potential hazards.

Navigating the Future: Innovations in Thermoplastic Line Markings

When choosing a thermoplastic product it is important to choose one that has been developed by a reputable manufacturer. A quality product will be tested to ensure it can withstand all types of environments and climates. It is also important to understand how the product is applied and where it can be used. For example, snow plows can scrape the thermoplastic mark right off the pavement, which can affect longevity.

For contractors who are new to thermoplastic, it is a good idea to find a training course or mentor to help them get started. This will help them learn the accepted application methods and the best techniques for their environment. It will also help them to avoid pitfalls that can cost time and money, such as applying the markings incorrectly or using equipment that is not suitable for the job.

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