The Book of Seven Brothers Moving

7 Brothers Moving – “The seven brothers are the sons of Jacob,” says the biblical story. The story goes that these seven brothers were given the mission to preach the good news to all the world. At the beginning, they had a great zeal for God’s mission, but as they went on, their zeal declined. They began to become lazy and disobedient, thus losing their way towards God. But, it is in the last part of the book where the story of the seven brothers comes into play.

7 Brothers Moving

In the last part of the book, we find the seven brothers in a desolate land. They find two lions, who are servants of the Lord. He has sent them to preach the good news to the world. They are given only twelve hours to preach the good news to the whole world, or else the lions will kill them. Now, when it is daybreak, the seven brothers go out to preach to the world. However, when it begins to dawn, they notice that the lion is lying asleep. When morning comes, the Lord sends rain, which seal the lions’ ears, as well as seals the seven brothers’ hearts.

We find the seven brothers living happily with their master, in the wilderness. It was then that their master, seeing their happiness, and seeing the love of God, said to them: “Your brothers live happily with you in the wilderness.” They replied to him, “Yes, your brothers do live happily with you in the wilderness.” And then they told him all the things that had happened to them in the wilderness, and he was glad in spirit. He blessed them and blessed the name of God for ever.


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