ARTA-NE Recreation Snorkeling in Taormina

Snorkeling in Taormina

Those who love the sea and a visit to this Italian town should definitely consider snorkeling Taormina. Whether it’s for recreational purposes or if you have a particular reason to explore the area’s beautiful seabed, snorkeling in Taormina will be an unforgettable experience. There is so much to see and appreciate in the surrounding waters, including a variety of fish and sea grass, and you can learn more about them while you’re here.

Taormina Snorkel Diving Tour

Snorkeling in Taormina

First, you should get an equipment. If you don’t already have one, you can rent one and take it along with you to the various snorkeling locations. This equipment will allow you to explore the waters without getting too wet. Also, if you are a beginner, you can rent a mask and snorkel and get an overview of the area. There are plenty of other options for snorkeling in Taormina, so make sure to look around and plan your trip.

The town is very easy to access via cable car or shuttle from the main town. Parking in Taormina is extremely limited, so you should try to park at Isola Bella, which is a short distance from the main beach. Alternatively, you can travel a little farther and visit Ustica, Sicily’s first marine reserve. You can snorkel in the blue cave and admire the flora and fauna.

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Iceland is a small country, so it’s easy to see most of its must-see natural wonders in just a week. Take the Golden Circle route for a quick overview of the most famous attractions or go off the beaten path to soak in hot springs or trek on glaciers. Alternatively, explore the fjords on horseback and visit working farms to help shear sheep and feed livestock or learn about the Viking culture in Reykjavik’s quaint streets. More info:

One of Iceland’s most picturesque regions is the Snaefellsnes Peninsula with its dramatic volcanic landscapes and beautiful waterfalls, such as Kirkjufell and Kirkjufellsfoss. Other highlights are the Thingvellir National Park with its continental divide and the Geysir and Gullfoss waterfalls. The area also has a lot of interesting rock formations and unique lava caves that are worth exploring on foot.

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Dog Training Center – Where To Get Your Dog Training

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