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Polymeric Rubber Vs Natural Rubber

polymeric rubber

Polymeric rubbers MUGA are elastomers, which means that they can be stretched and then return to their original size and shape without losing energy. This elastic property gives them superior abrasion resistance and resilience. This makes them an ideal material for tyres and rollers used in machines like domestic clothes wringers, printing presses and industrial hoses. They also have a high level of shock absorption and slip-resistance making them perfect for sports surfaces at schools, clubs and leisure centres.

Polymeric Rubber Flooring: A Safe and Durable Solution for Your Space

The elasticity of natural rubber is due to its stereoregular structure, which is characterised by the nearly 100% cis-1,4 polyisoprene configuration. These units are bonded together by carbon-carbon bonds, which are subject to hydrogen bonding and other interactions from polar attractions and functional groups, in such a way that the chains bend and twist when stretched. This flexibility is the key to the abrasion resistance and resilience that make natural rubber such a popular material.

In its vulcanised form, natural rubber has very good resistance to oil and grease, ozone oxidation, chemicals and weathering. However, the tensile strength of a rubber is low and it has poor resilience at ordinary temperatures. Therefore, it is combined with other fillers and additives to improve its properties. These can include carbon black, factice and whiting. These ingredients are mixed with a polymer binder to make a rubber that has the properties required for an application.

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