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Thinking of Moving to Bulgaria?

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With living prices ricing every year, we have all thought about moving somewhere cheaper. Moving to Bulgaria seems to be a great choice considering.

Bulgaria, a Beautiful Place to Live

Known for its natural beauty, amazing landmarks, cheap product price’s and of course cheap Bulgarian Property.

You can purchase a property for as little as £3,000 with renovation needed. A good example would be some properties on Taste of Bulgaria. You can see they range from £3,000 all the way up to £50,000.

The value for money is incredible! Farm life and self sufficiency is right round the corner in Bulgaria with property this low in price.

If you are interested in moving, check out this article on the Official Government Website, this will give you all the information needed to move you and your family to Bulgaria following all the rules that have been set up

Lots of ex pats have made the move already, and from what i can see on social networks. Its seems to be proving like an amazing place to live and even start a small farm or business of your own.

When you move you have to register a busness as your address meaning your all set up to start a small business there too.

Retirement payments also mean that you can live out there well, with just needing your normal standard pension.

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