Inner Journey of yoga kundalini

The third and forth asana is the pranayama mudra, yoga kundalini. In this arena, the practitioner puts his or her right hand over his or her heart while sitting cross-legged on the floor. This media allows for better concentration, which enables him or her to better reach the subtle states of awareness.

The Benefits of yoga kundalini

The fourth asana is the rasayana. In this arena, the practitioner holds the left arm up over the heart while placing the right hand across his or her chest. The practitioner then brings the two hands together over the heart, and then brings them down over the navel and stomach, bringing the arms back into position.

The fifth asana is the much mudra. In this arena, the practitioner stands upright with both legs together and holds the left foot over the heart while putting the right foot over his or her navel. and brings both feet together over the head. The sixteenth asana is the ashtanga mudra. in this arena, the practitioner stands with his or her feet in the air, holding both hands and leans forward from the hips as much as possible. The legs are then placed together and the legs are brought in line with the spine.


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