ARTA-NE Blog Induction Heating for Weld Stress Relief

Induction Heating for Weld Stress Relief

Induction heating offers numerous benefits when it comes to post-weld stress relief, including reducing the amount of time needed to reach and hold temperature and providing more consistent heat distribution. These advantages make it ideal for applications where precise temperature control and accurately confining heat to a specific area is important.

What are the three stages of heat treatment?

In induction heating for weld stress relief, conductive metals like copper and steel are heated by an induced current created when a magnetic field passes through a conductor. The changing magnetic field creates a secondary electric field which generates eddy currents inside the conductor. These eddy currents cause friction that produces energy in the form of heat. The frequency of the alternating electromagnetic field can be adjusted to influence the depth in which the heat penetrates into the workpiece. Low frequencies guarantee deeper penetration while high frequencies produce more superficial heating.

Unlike resistance and flame heating methods, induction only heats the part from the surface up, which reduces the chance of burn injuries and allows workers to wear gloves without compromising their ability to perform the job. Induction also eliminates the need for a hot pad or blanket, which can leave residue and require frequent replacement. Finally, induction can be used in a variety of sizes, shapes and geometries.

In addition to a higher level of accuracy, some induction systems offer digital recording capabilities to help operators document their temperature levels and ensure code requirements or customer specifications are being met. This makes it easier to prove that adequate heat treatment was provided during the stress relieving process.

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