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How a Participatory Design Approach Can Enhance Decks

Decking Canberra is an exciting development for the ACT Government as it seeks to provide its citizens with the opportunity to enhance their living environment through the construction and management of new public spaces. The project, which commenced in March this year and runs until July 2021, has seen incredible growth in the area of the ACT covered in the past year alone, with additional areas set to see the creation of decking. All of this is being driven by the ACT government through strategic planning and the implementation of a series of design strategies. All of these ideas are aimed at making the construction of decking and other public spaces safer and more functional for all local residents. The government also recognises that the design of the future buildings and areas of the community should be reflective of the local culture, in line with the local environment, in order to create a welcoming environment for local residents and visitors alike.

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One of the key strategies being implemented is the involvement of local stakeholders in the design and construction of the decking. Through a series of focused community discussions and forums, local residents will have the chance to build on the existing information about decking and discuss design features with experts in the industry. These expert decking experts will then work on drawings and 3D models of the decking structure and recommend changes to the design that suit the needs and preferences of the local community. This comprehensive approach is designed to ensure that local residents benefit from the design of the decking and are not left out and overlooked by the decking project.

In addition to drawing up the plans for the decking, the experts involved in the design process will also work on the blueprints and oversee the construction process. Once the decking material has been sourced and ordered, the decking experts will oversee the erection of the decking where they will ensure it is correctly aligned and securely held in place on the foundations. From here, the decking can then be installed by an accredited decking contractor who will complete the task according to the agreed blueprint. As the decking Canberra project moves forward, users will have the opportunity to regularly consult with decking experts as well as participate in the design process for updated designs and new designs to be introduced into the public spaces.

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