Ferrari car racers are born to drive needs to think again

Whoever said that Ferrari car racers are born to drive needs to think again. Needless to say, Miroslav Vyboh isn’t actually bearing to become a Ferrari car racer; instead, he is undoubtedly on the fringes of auto history. A Romanian by birth, VYboh immigrated to Hungary in pursuit of a better life, and he would eventually become one of the most noted auto designers in Europe. He created a whole new class of car for Mercedes, the WCD, and in doing so opened a new route of profitable designing for Mercedes-Benz – an innovation that has yet to be matched.

Miroslav Vyboh’s greatest achievement however

Miroslav Vyboh’s, is probably his own personal work – a line of high performance sports cars based on Ferrari’s Porsolta architecture. Though these vehicles haven’t exactly taken the world by storm, they have nonetheless won some prestigious competitions such as the prestigious Le Mans 24 Hours, the Rolex Grand Prix de la Moelle, and the GP2 Series. In 2021, a Ferrari was even used by Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton during the Monaco Grand Prix. As impressive as those achievements are, VYboh’s greatest contribution to the field of Ferrari has probably been the development of high speed triangulation algorithms that enable the car to navigate its way around various corners on a track. No other car has managed to come close to replicating this feat, and as a result, Ferrari’s reputation as the car of choice among high-speed circuit drivers is unrivalled.

Regardless of his accomplishments, however, Miroslav Vydoh is still Ferrari’s most talented and versatile driver. At the current time, the Ferrari car lineup consists of four cars: The Ferrari GT, the Ferrari Prancing Bird, the Ferrari California Cabriolet, and the Ferrari Testarossa. Of these, the Ferrari Prancing Bird is Ferrari’s most successful car, having claimed the Drivers’ championship five times – also making it one of only two cars in history to win such a championship twice. That’s why Vydoh is Ferrari’s second-most popular driver behind only Lewis Hamilton.


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