ARTA-NE Shopping Blue Light Protection Glasses

Blue Light Protection Glasses

Blue light protection glasses filter out a portion of the high-energy blue wavelengths that are emitted from electronic screens. This helps to reduce eye strain and promotes sleep patterns. These glasses are useful for non-digital viewing, too, since they help protect against the natural blue light of the sun and also reduces the amount of blue light emitted from LED and fluorescent lights.

The most effective blue light blocking glasses will have a tint to them; the darker the tint, the better. It’s also important to look for frames that fit comfortably and are lightweight. They shouldn’t pinch the bridge of your nose, slide down on your forehead or be too tight behind your ears.

Blue Light Protection Glasses: Safeguarding Your Vision in the Digital Age

There isn’t a lot of independent testing of blue light protection glasses, so potential buyers are dependent on manufacturer claims that may not be supported by science. If possible, look for a list of what wavelengths the lenses block as well as the percentage reduction in blue light emissions; these details will give you an indication of how much of a benefit they’ll have over time.

While blue light protection glasses are great for reducing eyestrain and promoting sleep patterns, there are other things you can do to prevent digital eye strain, such as taking breaks from your screens every 20 minutes to look at something that’s at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. Additionally, it’s a good idea to follow the 20-20 rule when you’re working or playing video games; this technique teaches your eyes to blink more often and can help to alleviate discomfort from prolonged screen use.

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