ARTA-NE Blog Best Workout Outfits For Women

Best Workout Outfits For Women

Your workout outfit should be a combination of cute, functional, and supportive pieces to make you feel your best while breaking a sweat. But the type of exercise you do can also impact your workout wardrobe options, whether that’s a gym session or a run in the park.

How many hours should a girl workout?

A cute crop top is a must, but your workout outfits for women top should also be comfortable and wick away sweat to keep you dry. Plus, it should hold up to repeated wear and hold its shape.

Nike is a dependable brand for functional gear that doesn’t sacrifice style, so you can wear your Nike leggings to the grocery store and still look like an athletic pro (and your wallet won’t hate you for it either). Shop by sport or activity to find a complete look or shop by individual pieces to find everything from sports bras to sock socks and more, all made with innovative fabrics.

Lululemon is a favorite for activewear, and its Nulux fabric is weightless to wick away sweat and stay cool while you work out. Its leggings are also flattering and perform well for all types of activities, and hold up through many washes to make them a great investment.

Outdoor Voices is a go-to for athleisure, with styles that are both practical and super cute to wear, and its color-block leggings in hues like pastel and berry are one of our favorites. Pair them with a sleek long-sleeve t-shirt for a comfy and stylish look that works for every activity.

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