Alternatives to Traditional Financial Institutions

Authority Investors are financial companies or individuals who offer investment securities as collateral or who offer loans in return for some form of equity. Some of the common forms of collateral offered by these firms include government bonds, preferred stocks, certificates of deposit and money market funds. These firms are usually engaged in various types of investments, but the most common fields of endeavor include property, derivatives, financial markets, asset management and the real estate sector. Alternately, one could also say that such financial investment firms seek to make money by providing the bridge or umbilical finance required by the larger banks or financial institutions for their own expansion or in response to a sudden increase in demand for finance.

Usually, in the process of obtaining the loan from alternative investment firms, the lender may request for some form of collateral, such as stock shares or other instruments of value. The size and structure of the investment bank are also very important in the case of collateral. Large financial investment firms have their own reputations and their own set of policies and procedures that they follow in order to secure the interest of their clients. Therefore, it is advisable that you approach only those alternative investment firms that are registered with the appropriate regulatory agencies in your country.

In terms of the size and structure, both small and large financial institutions can be benefited by dealing with alternative investment firms. Smaller financial institutions usually obtain the capital through personal loans while large financial institutions can make use of some form of commercial mortgage-backed securities. Usually, alternative investment companies have their own credit management department that helps in collecting the payments from the borrower based on the terms and conditions agreed upon between the creditor and the borrower. These companies are also able to provide support in case of credit card defaults and bankruptcy cases, as they can provide debt restructuring or debt elimination help. The major advantage of dealing with financial investment firms is that they work in a more discreet and confidential manner than those of the larger banks.


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