Day: February 11, 2024

Liquid RoofLiquid Roof

A liquid roof is an easy to apply, high-performance waterproof coating that offers a long service life for existing roofs. It can be applied to flat and pitched roofs and is suitable for most roof materials. It can be used in a wide variety of applications and is very cost-effective as a repair technique. This is particularly true when compared to a full tear off and replacement.

Liquid roofing systems are based on silicon technology and can be applied with a squeegee, roller or sprayer. They are lightweight and add little or no weight to the existing underlying structure. They also withstand extreme temperature fluctuations and have excellent resistance to UV rays, mold and mildew, and chemical attack.

They are monolithic with no seams or joints, eliminating water infiltration at these common roof system areas. Liquid systems bond directly to the substrate and are designed for self-flashing, eliminating the need for pitch pans/pockets or metal sleeves.

Liquid Roof: Versatile Solutions for Roof Repairs

Most systems can be used with a variety of topcoats to meet specific roof use and life expectancy requirements. These include a range of hard-wearing trafficable topcoats to withstand regular medium-to-heavy foot traffic, and anti-slip aggregates to help with safety and navigation on the roof surface.

Most importantly, unlike a traditional roof coating that requires heat for application, a liquid roof is installed as a cold-applied liquid waterproofing. This makes them safe for the specifier, contractor, installer and the building occupants during the works. Additionally, many systems have low VOC products which are suitable for occupied buildings.